She's not clear how she could take someone as arrogant and corrupt as Philip's father, and talk to him of the most worthy and endeening boy. Filip is an only child, but he is neither spoiled nor selfish. It was always her darling, but he never did. She leaned against the line of her rustic kitchen and sighed.
Past Mistakes
She couldn't understand how she and Herbert could have endured so long. For two years she knew she was cheating on her, but she loved him, so she decided to tolerate it. But then he began to be bad at Philip. He ignored him gratuitously, did not devote himself to him, and was only able to see that he was waiting for him to get mad at him so that he could scream at him. That was too much for Vendula. That was the point where she decided to take things in her own hands — no one would hurt her son.