Start right in the morning

Still don't know how to make your day more enjoyable?
Radio Impuls

Still don't know how to make your day more enjoyable? Then choose the Impuls Radio. We have 24 hours a day a mixture of various attractions, news, music for all ages, competitions. We're here for you and we want to entertain you.
Radio Impuls

On our site you will surely find it suitable just for you. Not only the music menu has Impuls radio for you. With us you can also play online games, enjoy, watch interesting and engaging videos and so on. Don't believe? Try.
Hello, this is impulse!

Also you can be one of the contestants, our most popular contest. What's more, you can always be with us. Our radio Impuls has a rich menu of music, competitions, traffic information, news from home and from the world.

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