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Choosing the Right Canoe for Beginners

Getting into canoe or kayak paddling for the first time may feel strange, but the reality is it will take less than 5 minutes to start experiencing the fantastic adventure you have been missing, you will stop concentrating on your worries and as happiness takes over, a canoe is safe and is suitable for young people from age of 8 to 90 years old so as long as you are with reliable canoe chances of something going wrong are minimal. I am quite certain you have not given a thought as to what has contributed to that joyful adventure, you probably think it’s the experience of your friends or the family member with paddling, while that is true, the size, shape, length, material that makes the canoe and other features have played greatly to the ride of your adventure, therefore, there is some considerations that need to be made to get the right canoe. This article provides you with some guidelines you can use when choosing for a canoe especially if you are a beginner.

Make sure you assess your needs for the canoe first, what purpose do you want the canoes to serve, fishing or is it for site seeing, is it a family or a one-man canoe, how long will you be paddling, where are you going to use it in lakes, open waterways or rivers, these considerations are of concern because they let you make the right decision concerning what your answer is, so take your time and think about it before going into a canoe store for shopping.

The other important thing you need to pay attention to is the stability of the canoe, this is facilitated by the shape and style of the end at the bow, the stern, and the rocker(curve) along the keel of the canoe, the flatter the bottom of the hull the stable the canoe is on the undemanding water but the canoe will not feel stable in choppy water from waves also known as boat wash, but around hull will be more stable when your canoe is exposed to strong waves or boat wash, therefore, you need to choose because either option has its flip side, for example, a canoe with rounder hull feel relatively unstable in open calm waters but has a high resistance to strong waves that can flip your canoe where with a flat the vice versa is true.

The other vital feature of a canoe you need to consider is the shape at the end of the boat, this shape at the tip of the canoe affects things such as maneuverability, stability, and drag of the hull due to water resistance, for example, a more rounded canoe at the tip will give you more stability, easy to maneuver around things such as rocks and higher carrying capacity, however, it will feel a bit slower due to high resistance or drag. Those are some of the considerations you need to make when buying a canoe.

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